Towards a more inclusive city

Association of Architects and Project Owners, AMO’s mission is to facilitate dialogue between those who commission and those who design in order to create quality real estate projects.

The renewal that public and private commissions are undergoing today invites us to reconsider this binomial through the prism of current changes in the profession.

In addition to the duo [architects – project owners], investors, users, companies, associations, operators and manufacturers are invited to take part in the fab lab of a capable city. Today, it is their visions, inputs and resources that must converge to anticipate new ways of living, working, moving and consuming, as well as financing and building the city.

A new relationship to the living, to time, the dissolution of boundaries between private and public, between inside and outside, above and below: the making of a city is changing paradigms and abandoning the program’s stagnation in favor of the dynamics of uses by welcoming new entrants.

It seems essential to encourage the transmission of an architectural culture and the creation of a common project culture. Reinforcing the complicity between architects and project owners means consolidating the foundation on which to build new practices. By opening the circle, AMO wishes to update this common culture and index it to new practices and new feedback.

Martin Duplantier Chairman, AMO national association

Strengthened ambitions

AMO has drawn a 7-points strategy:

  • Promote new practices in the conception, design and management of real estate projects.
  • Defuse conflicts of competence in favor of new ways of managing, pooling and co-building the city.
  • Approach the city through the prism of construction but also of transformation, addition, superimposition and reuse.
  • Anticipate and participate in the emergence of new uses, new activations, new temporalities in the urban project.
  • Assume responsibility for the construction sector’s carbon footprint by encouraging sober practices, operating methods and materials.
  • Addressing all scales and valuing the positive externalities that each can generate.
  • Finally, bring together the most daring players and share pioneering experiences.

The 2023 AMO Prize is taking place in a tumultuous national and European context. The conflict in Ukraine underlines the importance of the TransEuropArchi category, which aims to share an architectural ideal beyond french borders. The housing crisis in France means that we need to grease the wheels of our practices to build quickly and well, almost like a Swiss watch…After Belgium in 2019 and Spain in 2020, the French association Architecture et Maîtres d’Ouvrage decks out the prize with the Switzerland colours this year.

The Swiss nation, praised for the exemplary nature of its projects, has long been a breeding ground for dialogue between clients and architects, in contrast to starchitecture, which compromises a shared vision of architectural quality. The present edition aims to unfold the architectural Swiss army knife and to draw inspiration from it!

Most beautiful metamorphosis Award

Reconversion, restructuring, rehabilitation, extension: so many terms that designate the transformation of a building to accommodate other uses, writing a new page. This award recognises  the most beautiful metamorphosis, whether carried out according to the rules of art or frankly disconcerting.

Boldest implementation

Materials, sectors, building systems, whether ancestral or innovative, mixed or unitary: this award adresses the ability to generate the extraordinary by going off the beaten track, taking risks, convincing users, investors, communities, companies, etc…

Most creative typology Award

Place of life, place of work, third places, extra space, mutable space: this award distinguishes imagination, convinced that space can de-normalize our emotions.

Most productive place Award

How do we work in the era of the 4th industrial revolution? Is it time for the tertiary industry?  Would work have become physical again? Whether we are talking about permanent or ephemeral commercial spaces, open or partitioned offices, local or multinationals, or industrial or craft production units, this prize rewards the answer that increases well-being at work and not just productivity, the one that values sustainable development.

Best urban/rural

A project can act virtuously on its environment and its territory. Good practices, positive externalities, extended ecosystem, cross-fertilization: the vocation of architecture is social and its commitment is sustainable.

TransEuropArchi France-Switzerland Award

Valuing new ways of building Europe and restoring perspective to the European architectural scene: the TransEuropArchi category rewards the best cross-border collaboration that has given rise to an ambitious project and asserts an architectural ethic shared by project owners and contractors. This year the AMO Prize opens the French-Swiss border.

The Jury’s Grand Prize :
two free tickets for the association’s trip to Switzerland and Vorarlberg!

A Grand Prize is awarded among the 6 winners. Two tickets for the association’s trip to Switzerland are offered to the Grand Prize winner, one-day theatre workshops are offered to the other winners.

Calendrier -Agenda

26 October 2023

The Jury’s Grand Prize’s trip to Vorarlberg and Switzerland with the association !

18 October 2023

AMO awards ceremony

04 October 2023

Letters to the finalists

15 September 2023


24 July 2023

Technical commission

21 July 2023

Deadline for application

15 May 2023

Opening of applications

How to participate ?

Applications: 15 May 2023 – 21 July 2023

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