Competition’rules : France – Italy edition

Article 1 : Purpose
The mission of the AMO – Architecture et Maîtres d’Ouvrage association is to facilitate exchanges and encourage sharing between those who commission and those who design, so that high-quality property projects can emerge.
Strengthening the relationship between architects and project owners means consolidating the foundation on which new practices can be built (hereinafter referred to as “AMO”).
The AMO has created the AMO Prize, which jointly reward the client and the architect for a project that is remarkable for its architectural and environmental quality, its appropriate response to the commission, its capacity for innovation and its ability to be appreciated by its occupants (hereinafter the “AMO Awards”).
The rules of the AMO Awards competition (hereinafter the “Rules”) are set out below.
Article 2 : Awards categories and conditions
Projects completed in 2023-2024 (work completed between 1 July of year N-1 and 30 June of year N in which the Awards are presented, i.e. between 1 July 2023 and 30 June 2024) by candidate teams (hereinafter the “Participants”) may enter the competition in one of the following categories:
•   Most beautiful metamorphosis Award
•   Most daring approach Award
•   Most creative typology Award
•   Most productive place Award
•   Best urban catalyst Award
The TransEuropArchi prize is open to teams from both France and the partner country. Two conditions apply: 1) The architectural project must be located in France or in the partner country. 2) One of the members of the contracting authority or the project management team (architects and/or design offices) must be French and another must be from the partner country. 3) The project benefits from a wider eligibility window than for the other categories: it must have been delivered between 1 July of year N-2 and 30 June of year N (between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2024).
Apart from the TransEuropArchi prize category, there are no nationality restrictions in the other competition categories. This means that Italian teams can apply in the categories (most beautiful metamorphosis, boldest implementation, most creative typology, most productive location, best urban/rural catalyst).
Article 3 : Number of projects authorized

There is no limit to the number of entries per company. Entries may be submitted in only one category.

Article 4 : Application form
Companies wishing to enter the competition must complete and submit an online entry form for each project on the AMO Awards web page ( The AMO will check the eligibility of each project.
If the project is managed by several companies, the company submitting the project guarantees that :
  1. It is the sole initiator with any co-authors and mandates ;
  2. It holds all the rights to the project submitted and the information relating to the project;
  3. It does not infringe the rights of any third party potentially involved or the privacy or image of any person;
  4. The project/idea does not infringe any laws, in particular copyright laws.
  5. If several companies submit the same project, they must agree to designate a single company to represent them.
Application forms must be completed and submitted online by the deadline. They must include :
  • a team name
  • the name of the project owner
  • surname and first name of the person(s) representing them
  • the name of the architectural firm
  • the surname and first name of the person(s) representing it/them
  • the name of the project
  • the category or categories chosen from among the 6 possible; you may apply for the same project in a maximum of two categories
  • the project programme in a maximum of 50 words
  • the surface area in m²
  • the year of the competition
  • the year of handover
  • label(s) obtained
  • a 200-word maximum presentation on the quality of the work of the “architects and client” team on the project submitted
  • a 250-word maximum justification of the first category chosen in which you are applying
  • a justification of the second category chosen in which you are applying
  • an application file that can be downloaded in InDesign or Powerpoint format from the “enter for the prize” tab on this website, at the first stage of registration. The application consists of an A4 and an A3 sheet, which must be completed and signed in accordance with the terms and conditions defined during the registration procedure. The A3 includes a presentation of the architectural project using photos and graphic documents: site plan, floor plan, significant sections and elevations. Perspectives are excluded.
  • 5 graphic documents and a maximum of 10 copyright-free pictures (see specific stipulation on the subject of “copyright”). Pictures : exterior photographs including shots giving an overall view of the building and at least 3 interior photographs.
Article 5 : Registration fee
Participants must pay a registration fee of 250 euros (two hundred and fifty euros) for each project submitted.
The registration fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the jury’s selection.
Article 6 : The pre commitee and the jury
All complete entries received by 15 June 2024 will be submitted to the AMO Awards jury, an independent body made up of property professionals, architects, project owners, professionals and elected representatives selected by AMO.
The jury will meet in 2 stages:
  • A technical committee will meet in June-July of the year in question, made up of the various national and regional AMO associations. It will analyse the compliance of the applications with the rules, select the outstanding projects according to the criteria defined for each category, and provide input for the decisions of the final jury. This technical committee will not take part in the voting.
  • A final jury will meet in September of the year in question to examine the finalist applications (the “Finalists”) selected by the technical committee in each of the 6 categories mentioned in point 1. This jury will hold an oral hearing of around twenty minutes with each of the Finalists, represented by an architect and a project owner, which must take place in person. With the exception of foreign architects taking part in the TransEuropeArchi Prize, who may take part by videoconference. The Finalists will be invited to an oral interview focusing on :
  • The client’s intentions, the development of the programme and management of the project, the type of assignment given to the architect and the fee rate (this information will remain strictly confidential).
  • The quality of the work carried out by the “architect and client” team on the project presented
  • The architectural project carried out by the project team
  • The environmental characteristics of the project
  • The values of use and daily life, as well as the integration of the project into its environment.
The jury may, in complete independence, base its selection of the winning teams of the AMO Awards (the “Winners”) on a variety of unlimited criteria, such as :
  • Originality of the concept
  • Architectural quality
  • Environmental qualities
  • Integration of the project into its environment and community
  • Quality of the user experience
  • Correspondence with the chosen category
  • Economic contribution
The jury also has the right to move an entry to a more appropriate category and to judge it in that category. The entrant will be informed of this change by e-mail.
The jury reserves the right not to examine incomplete entries or entries that do not comply with these rules.
The jury may decide to eliminate a category if it considers that the entries submitted do not guarantee a sufficient level of quality.
The jury’s decision is final and does not need to be justified.
Article 7 : Finalists and visual elements
The Finalists will be informed of their selection at the end of the technical committee meeting.
The Finalists undertake to provide AMO with the name of the photographer (photo credit).
The Finalists guarantee that they have informed and obtained the authorisations of their organisations for the process described below.
They will be invited to provide additional visuals to be displayed at the AMO Awards ceremony. AMO reserves the right to choose the elements that will be displayed and to modify them if necessary to ensure the quality of the event.
Finalists agree that all information relating to the project, including photographs, videos and other documents provided, may be passed on to third parties for the purposes of organising the ceremony and promoting the AMO Awards.
In particular, the Finalists will be required to provide proof of their legal status with regard to the authors of the photographs that will be used:
  • during the AMO Awards ceremony
  • when the results of the AMO Awards are published on the website and social networks
  • on the website dedicated to the AMO Awards, as this year’s awards and archives for previous years
  • when the list of winners and finalists is published in a dedicated architecture magazine (cf. the special edition of the 2023 AMO Awards published by Architecture d’Aujourd’hui AA’).
A specific letter will be sent to them so that the Finalist can certify and guarantee to the AMO that the photos used are free of rights for the uses that the AMO wishes to make of them as part of the AMO Awards and their promotion.
Finalists also certify and guarantee that they have been authorised to do so by potential co-creators or third parties.
By signing an appropriate document, the Finalists will guarantee AMO against any risk of complaint or action by third parties, both during and after the AMO Prizes, on the basis of an infringement of their rights, in particular with regard to intellectual property rights over the elements provided by the Finalists in the context of these Rules. To this end, the Finalists undertake to indemnify AMO against any claim of any nature whatsoever from any of its employees, workers or third parties.
In the event that legal action is taken against AMO, all rights, costs, fees and damages that AMO may be ordered to pay shall be borne solely by the Finalists.
Finalists and participants authorise AMO to :
photograph and make video or audio recordings of the AMO Prizes (hereinafter referred to as “recordings”) ;
broadcast live or recorded recordings of the AMO Prizes on tangible or intangible media platforms, including media networks and the Internet (Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube).
For a period of five (5) years, for information, promotional, marketing and/or commercial purposes, Finalists and participants authorise AMO to:
communicate the recording on all tangible or intangible media known or unknown to date, in particular digital media and the Internet (in particular, the websites of the shows and its partners and associated promotional social media such as YouTube branded channel, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or others), and on any other promotional or marketing tool that it may use, it being specified that AMO may not be held liable for any use whatsoever that may be made by Internet users of the recording appearing on these media.
Article 8 : Competition prize

In addition to the prizes awarded to the category winners (one trophy per winner), a Grand Prize is awarded to the jury’s favourite project. This is the “AMO Grand Prix”.

Article 9 : The awards ceremony
The winners will be announced at the AMO Awards ceremony in October of the year in question. All winners will be invited to give a short acceptance speech.
The awards ceremony will be photographed and recorded for the purpose of promoting the AMO Awards, the Winners, the Finalists and their project(s). The Prize-winners and Finalists authorise AMO and its representatives to (i) photograph and record in video and audio the prize-giving ceremony directly or indirectly, including their image and voice, as well as any element related to their projects as mentioned in these rules and to (ii) use said photographs, project content and videos for the purpose of promoting AMO’s activities for a period of 5 (five) years worldwide. The winners and finalists also certify and guarantee that they have been authorised to do so by their official representatives and any co-creators and third parties.
Article 10 : Claims
Registration for and participation in the AMO Awards imply full and complete acceptance of these Rules, including in particular all of its stipulations relating to the copyright of the photographs that will be used by AMO for the Finalists (particularly Point 7).
The Rules and the AMO Prizes are governed by French law.
Article 11 : Contact for further information
T. +33 6 32 95 21 75
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