City metamorphosis : creative synergy

In the current context of urban transformation, the importance of the relationship between architects and clients is becoming crucial to the reinvention of the City Factory. The AMO, as an association dedicated to this alliance, plays a crucial role in facilitating dialogue between clients and designers, which is essential for the emergence of innovative, high-quality property projects.
Public and private commissioning is undergoing a significant metamorphosis, prompting us to review the dynamic of collaboration between architects and clients. This relationship, which was once exclusive, is now expanding to include a range of players: investors, users, businesses, associations, operators and manufacturers. Their contribution is vital if we are to embrace new ways of living, working, travelling and consuming. We need to bring these multiple visions together to anticipate and build a city that is adapted to today’s challenges.
The City Factory is undergoing a veritable conceptual revolution: a new relationship with life and time, the dissolution of boundaries between the private and public spheres, between inside and outside. Faced with these changes, the city needs to abandon a rigid approach based on defined programmes and adopt a dynamic approach based on actual uses, what is already there and the changing needs of city dwellers.
To successfully navigate this changing landscape, it is crucial to promote a shared architectural culture and develop a common understanding of the urban project. Strengthening the link between architects and clients is not just a question of collaboration; it is the foundation of a renewed practice, adapted to today’s urban challenges. By widening its circle, the AMO aims to enrich and update this shared culture, drawing on new practices and experiences.

Matthias Navarro – Chairman, AMO national association

Strengthened ambitions

AMO has drawn a 7-points strategy:

  • Promote new practices in the conception, design and management of real estate projects.
  • Defuse conflicts of competence in favor of new ways of managing, pooling and co-building the city.
  • Approach the city through the prism of construction but also of transformation, addition, superimposition and reuse.
  • Anticipate and participate in the emergence of new uses, new activations, new temporalities in the urban project.
  • Assume responsibility for the construction sector’s carbon footprint by encouraging sober practices, operating methods and materials.
  • Addressing all scales and valuing the positive externalities that each can generate.
  • Finally, bring together the most daring players and share pioneering experiences.

The European tour of the prestigious AMO Prize coincides this year with the European elections. After a successful visit to Switzerland last year, the AMO Prize is now heading for Italy, the birthplace of the Treaty of Rome. Our logo, inspired by the emblematic arch of Rome’s Colosseum, symbolizes not only the solid foundations of European construction, but also the essential and time-honored relationship between architects and project owners, at the heart of our association.

This year, we are highlighting Italy, not only for its heritage and through the prism of archi-stars, but also for its innovative initiatives in urban regeneration and, in particular, to understand the approach to preserving its historic centers, and transforming its peripheries.

Marked by a highly decentralized political model that gives considerable autonomy to the regions, and a declining demographic trend, it is not easy to identify dominant architectural trends today. However, locally, it is possible to identify a fertile breeding ground of talents that emphasizes a contextual and original approach. This choice underlines the strong and continuing link between France and Italy in the field of contemporary architecture and urban planning, a partnership marked by mutually enriching collaboration and influence.

Most beautiful metamorphosis Award

Reconversion, restructuring, rehabilitation, extension: so many terms that designate the transformation of a building to accommodate other uses, writing a new page. This award recognises  the most beautiful metamorphosis, whether carried out according to the rules of art or frankly disconcerting.

Boldest implementation

Materials, sectors, building systems, whether ancestral or innovative, mixed or unitary: this award adresses the ability to generate the extraordinary by going off the beaten track, taking risks, convincing users, investors, communities, companies, etc…

Most creative typology Award

Place of life, place of work, third places, extra space, mutable space: this award distinguishes imagination, convinced that space can de-normalize our emotions.

Most productive place Award

How do we work in the era of the 4th industrial revolution? Is it time for the tertiary industry?  Would work have become physical again? Whether we are talking about permanent or ephemeral commercial spaces, open or partitioned offices, local or multinationals, or industrial or craft production units, this prize rewards the answer that increases well-being at work and not just productivity, the one that values sustainable development.

Best urban/rural

A project can act virtuously on its environment and its territory. Good practices, positive externalities, extended ecosystem, cross-fertilization: the vocation of architecture is social and its commitment is sustainable.

TransEuropArchi France-Italy Award

Valuing new ways of building Europe and restoring perspective to the European architectural scene: the TransEuropArchi category rewards the best cross-border collaboration that has given rise to an ambitious project and asserts an architectural ethic shared by project owners and contractors. This year the AMO Prize opens the French-Italian border.

The Jury’s Grand Prize 

A Grand Prize will be awarded from among the 6 winners. Two tickets for the association’s trip to Italy are offered for the Grand Prize.

Calendrier -Agenda

24 October 2024

The Jury’s Grand Prize’s trip to Italy with the association !

14 October 2024

AMO awards ceremony

28 June 2024

Technical commission

17 June 2024

Deadline for application

15 May 2024

Opening of applications

20 September 2023


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