Category sponsors :

The Mutuelle des Architectes Français (MAF) is sponsoring the boldest implementation award category! True to its slogan, the MAF accompanies architects in their search for new construction principles and the use of innovative materials, and takes on the share of risk that all constructive innovation generates.

Helping hand partners :

OOTI becomes the “helping hand” partner of the winners of the most creative typology category of the Prix AMO 2023!

To be creative, and propose creative typologies, architects need a helping hand! OOTI helps architectural firms and design offices to simplify their management, with management software 100% adapted to their needs.

Be creative, they’ll take care of the rest!

Steelcase offers companies an ecosystem that enables them to create an optimized employee experience through adapted configurations for individual, collaborative, learning and social spaces, because the world of work has been turned upside down since the health crisis!
The Best Productive Place Award seeks to promote the best architectural responses to the new work behaviors that have developed: the search for a better private/family life balance, flexoffice, modularity and reversibility of spaces, mixed use with housing or retail.

Institutional, event and press partners :

The French Ministry of Culture’s Department of Architecture has supported the AMO Prize since its creation.


Architravel creates tailor-made trips dedicated to architecture and its lovers.

Architravel has been organizing trips for national and regional AMO for the past ten years. On the strength of this experience and shared commitment to dialogue and quality, Architravel is supporting the “TransEuropArchi” category this year, offering two places on the association’s Grand Prix trip to Italy.

Since the 2019 edition, l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui magazine has been working with us to publish the AMO Award winners in a special publication, and to circulate the entries to its subscribers and contacts. Its team of seasoned journalists is on hand to conduct interviews and bring you the best of the Prix!