Since the 2019 edition, l’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui magazine has been working with us to publish the AMO Prize winners in a special edition, and to communicate about the applications to its subscribers and contacts. Its team of seasoned journalists is on hand to conduct interviews and bring you the best of the Prize!

The Mutuelle des Architectes Français (MAF) is sponsoring the category for the Boldest Implementation Award! As its slogan suggests, it supports architects in their search for new construction principles and the use of innovative materials, and takes on the risk that all constructive innovation entails!

This year, the award ceremony will be held at Woodrise congress in Bordeaux on 18 October. This international congress, which aims to promote methods for decarbonising the building industry through greater use of wood, is returning to France after several years abroad. This trade show offers unique visibility to the construction players of tomorrow, so don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the conference events!




The SIA, the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, is the leading professional organisation in the fields of construction, technology and the environment. The SIA is a highly competent interdisciplinary network driven by the desire to shape a high-quality, sustainable and forward-looking living environment.

The international section is specifically geared to the activities and development of its members outside Switzerland.

The SIA International is pleased to support the AMO in the edition of the Prix France-Switzerland !