Article 1 : Purpose
The association AMO-Architecture et Maîtres d’Ouvrage aims to promote architectural quality through a reinforced dialogue between the contracting authority, the architect and the project owner. 
The Prize is awarded both the project manager and the architect for an achievement that is remarkable for its architectural and environmental quality, its correct answer to the commission, its capacity to innovate and its ability to be appreciated by its occupants.

Towards a more inclusive city

The renewal that public and private commissions are undergoing today invites us to reconsider this binomial through the prism of current changes in the profession.
In addition to the duo [architects – project owners], investors, users, companies, associations, operators and manufacturers are invited to take part in the fab lab of a capable city. Today, it is their visions, inputs and resources that must converge to anticipate new ways of living, working, moving and consuming, as well as financing and building the city.
A new relationship to the living, to time, the dissolution of boundaries between private and public, between inside and outside, above and below: the making of a city is changing paradigms and abandoning the program’s stagnation in favor of the dynamics of uses by welcoming new entrants.
It seems essential to encourage the transmission of an architectural culture and the creation of a common project tenet. Reinforcing the complicity between architects and project owners means consolidating the foundation on which to build new practices. By opening up the circle, AMO wishes to update this common culture and index it to new practices and new feedback.
Article 2 : Awards categories and conditions
Six cross-cutting categories crowned by a Jury’s Grand Prize:
•   Most beautiful metamorphosis Award
•   Most daring approach Award 
•   Most creative typology Award
•   Most productive place Award
•   Best urban catalyst Award 
•   TransEuropArchi Awards
Competitors may indicate one or more categories in which they would like the project to appear, with no limit on the number of entries. 
Limitation to compete: programmes carried out by technical departments acting as both project owner and project manager or any achievements of the members of the jury. 
For these 6 categories, AMO means any new construction or rehabilitation completed between January 1st, 2019 and October 3, 2020, regardless of the project scale, and presenting a permanent activity.
Regarding the TransEuropArchi Award, the 2020 edition adresses joint French-Spanish teams. 
Two conditions to participate: 
1) The architectural project must be located on French or Spanish territory. 
2) One of the members of the project owner or project management (architects and/or design offices) legally committed must be French and another must be Spanish.
Attention will be paid to:
1) The project owner’s intentions and approach, the development of the programme and the management of the project will be described:
• Goals and ambitions
• Requirement definition and anticipation of their evolution
• Positionning of a concept carried out by the architecture of the project
• Ability of work spaces to promote communication and to accommodate changing management styles
2) Values of the project in terms of everyday life use and innovation:
They must be explained and illustrated in concrete terms, including the means and methods to achieve these purposes and the approaches and communications with the users. The values of use will be detailed, in particular the approaches taking into account the evolution of lifestyles and the quality of daily life for all.
Article 3 : Promoting the winners and Communication
The AMO Prize partners will award their special distinctions among the track record projects selected by the Technical Commission. 
The Jury also reserves the right to award special Mentions.
AMO will promote the award-winning operations by any means it can implement, including:
• La diffusion large de communiqués de presse relatifs aux prix décernés et communication dans les médias sociaux
• Une exposition itinérante des projets du palmarès complet ainsi que des lauréats et des mentions spéciales du jury 
• Une publication reprenant l’ensemble des projets sélectionnés pour le palmarès
• Les lauréats s’engagent à participer à cette promotion (communication et conférence…) ainsi qu’à celle du Prix suivant
Article 4 : Jury and selection

Technical Commission

Composed of members of the AMO associations network, national and regional, as well as qualified outside personalities, the Technical Commission will analyze the applications’ conformity to the regulations, select a list of outstanding projects according to the criteria defined for each category to enlighten the jury’s decisions. It reserves the right to reallocate the selected projects to the category of its choice, if needed. This commission will not take part in the final vote.


It is composed of qualified personalities (architects, project managers and institutionnals). It will meet for a single presentation session during which the selected candidates will be auditioned. Decisions are final and taken by a majority of the members present or represented. Participation in the competition implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules.
Applications will be reviewed in two stages:
1)   Examination by the Technical Commission of the application files sent in via a predefined   application form according to the procedures specified in Article 5.
2)  Oral interview and examination by the Jury of the finalist files. The language of both the files and the hearing will be specified later.
Article 5 : Application files composition

Application forms 

You will be asked the following information on the online form: 
• Team name 
• Name of the project owner
• Surname and first name of the person(s) representing him or her 
• Name of the architectural firm 
• Surname and first name of the person(s) representing him or her 
• Name of the project 
• Category(ies) chosen among the 5 possible categories, you can apply for the same   project in a maximum of two categories 
• Programme of the operation in a maximum of 50 words 
• Surface area in square meters 
• Year of competition
• Year of delivery 
• Label(s) obtained 
• A presentation in no more than 200 words on the work ethic and relationship between the «architects and project owner» teams on the operation presented 
• A presentation of no more than 250 words on the development of the project and how it relates to the category(ies) of the AMO Prize in which you are applying 
• An application file that can be downloaded in InDesign or Powerpoint format from the «Registration» tab, during the first stage of registration. The application consists of an A4 and an A3 documents to be filled in and signed according to the terms and conditions defined during the registration procedure.The document includes the presentation of the architectural project through photos and graphic documents: site plan, a ground plan, significant sections and elevations. Perspectives are excluded. 
• 20 photos maximum, free of copyright: exterior photos including pictures giving an overall view of the work and at least 3 interior photos.

Oral presentation

Dedicated to the finalists, the oral interview will focus on: 
• The project owner’s intentions, programme development and project management, the type of assignment given to the architect and the rate of fees (these data will remain strictly confidential). 
• The work ethic and relationship between «architects and project owner» team on the operation presented. 
• The architectural ambition of the project carried by the architect team
• Values of the project in terms of daily life use as well as the implementation of the project in its environment
Article 6 : Submission of files

Application form 

Application file and registration form are to be completed on the «Connexion / Log-in» tab on the uppon right corner of the website. Once your profile created, you can upload files and fill-in the blocks until December 11, 2020, midnight.
Any file that is incomplete or does not respect the requested content will be refused.
For further details
T. +337 60 52 98 78